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Trix 22991 DB BR78 054 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

Trix 22991 DB BR78 054 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)

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Trix 22991 DB BR78 054 Steam Locomotive III (DCC-Sound)


German Federal Railroad (DB) class 78 tank steam locomotive (former Prussian T18). Version with three boiler superstructures (DDS), angular sandpit. Dual headlights, driver’s cab with barrel roof, riveted water tanks, turbo dynamo on the left, smoke box door without a central lock with number plate in the middle, coal box with a high structure. Road number 78 054. Based in Hanover. Operating condition around 1956.


The locomotive has a digital decoder and extensive sound functions. Controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel in the boiler. 3 axles powered. traction tires. Locomotive largely made of metal. Set up for the 72270 smoke unit. The dual headlights and smoke unit contact change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. Two red marker lights can be controlled separately and digitally. In addition, the cab lighting can be controlled digitally. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white and red light-emitting diodes (LED). Numerous attached handle bars and lines made of metal. Minimum radius that can be driven on is 360 mm. Piston rod protection tubes and brake hoses are included.


  • Finely printed livery details
  • Dual headlights
  • Barrel roof cab
  • Turbo dynamo on the left
  • Smoke chamber door without central lock with number plate in the middle
  • Charcoal box with high structure
  • Lots of details
  • Driver’s cab lighting can also be controlled digitally
  • Tail lights can be controlled separately and digitally
  • Set up for smoke unit 72270
  • With a digital decoder and a variety of operating and sound functions
  • Buffer height according to NEM
  • With RailCom-capable digital decoder
  • Digital Functions

    Headlight(s) X X
    Steam locomotive op. sounds X X
    Locomotive whistle X X
    Smoke generator contact X X
    Direct control X X
    Engineer’s cab lighting X X
    Front Headlights off X X
    Bell X X
    Marker light(s) X X
    Sound of squealing brakes off X X
    Sound of coal being shoveled X X
    Conductor’s Whistle X X
    Letting off Steam X X
    Switching maneuver X X
    Whistle for switching maneuver X X
    Air Pump X X
    Water Pump X X
    Injectors X X
    Sanding X X
    Safety Valve X X
    Tipping grate X X
    Generator Sounds X X
    Replenishing water X X
    Replenishing sand X X
    Replenishing coal X X

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OO/HO Gauge




DCC Sound Fitted



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