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Schumacher K202 Atom 3 – C/F – GT12 – Kit

Schumacher K202 Atom 3 – C/F – GT12 – Kit

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Schumacher K202 Atom 3 – C/F – GT12 – Kit
Experience close, exciting, and fun racing with the awesome new ATOM 3 GT12. GT12 is the perfect racing class for small indoor carpet tracks, and the ATOM 3 is the class leader. It is developed from the British and European championship winning ATOM 2 and includes many new features to make the car easier to drive, easier to maintain, and even faster.

• Carbon Fibre ‘CF’ Version (#K202) All of the fibre components are lightweight, high grade carbon fibre.

NEW – High grade carbon fibre chassis providing the ideal flexibility and performance for the widest range of conditions.
NEW – Gear Differential offering improved cornering ability in the majority of conditions. On power steering is improved as well   as corner entry stability. The car will also drive much flatter and have more predictability in high traction conditions. The ball differential can still be used and is likely to be an improvement only in very low traction conditions. For ultra high grip tracks a spool option is also available.
NEW – Top Decks include multiple flexibility settings to further fine tune the flex to gain even more performance.
NEW – Fully updated front end design with much easier build, far simpler castor adjustment, improved drivability and overall performance.  Maintenance is also reduced.
NEW – Front beam improving front end flex characteristics.
NEW – Front beam socket using O-ring fixing system.
NEW – Moulded ultra-lightweight hub carrier with improved suspension and damping. More robust design.
NEW – Longer lasting front damping with all new king pin.
NEW – Big Bore side and centre damper, offering improved damping. They also give greater damper oil retention (less frequent maintenance required).
NEW – Stronger pod base helping to remove any twist in the rear pod.
NEW – Tweak free and easy LiPo mounting using new lightweight O-ring fixing.
NEW – Interchangeable front LiPo position stops with 4 spaced settings included.
NEW – Simplified lightweight servo fitment, fits directly onto slotted chassis holes.
NEW – Independent, lightweight front bumper mount. Easier front end assembly.
NEW – Optional brass weights in 5g or 7.5g can be fitted in multiple locations, to achieve the perfect car weight in this controlled weight class. Electronics can be removed by simply unscrewing the weights from underneath.
NEW – Optional 1.5° camber strap, for when increased steering or agility is required.  1.0° camber is included in the kit.
NEW Speed Secret 64 tooth 48dp Machined Spur Gear option.
NEW – Range of optional colour coded front springs available.

• Lightweight front foam bumper supports a wider and more modern range of bodies.
• Lightweight pod assembly for better drivability and bump handling.
• Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts.
• Rear ride height adjusters, easy adjustment and 0.25mm height increments.
• Thread insert design making work on the car much quicker and simpler.
• Easy body shell height adjustment.
• Rotationally balanced left rear wheel clamp.
• Extra low rear roll centre pivot height for awesome rear traction.
• Centre pivot design for easy build and maintenance, with a fully bind free design.
• All black nuts as standard.
• Perfectly balanced rear pod assembly.
• Ultra-low motor position.
• Full Range of colour coded rear and side springs are available.
• Lightweight Low Centre of Gravity CNC Alloy Motor Mounts.
• Separate springs for independent roll and bump stiffness adjustment.
• Ball bearing front and rear axles.
• Adjustable front toe-in/out.
• Chassis balance pivot holes are included for use with U3582 pivot set, to optimise left/right weight distribution.
• Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.

Equipment Needed
2 Channel Radio
Electric Speed Control
Wheels & Tyres
1S Lipo Battery
Bodyshell & Paint
Motor Pinion – 48dp
Atom 3 Specification
Power Source: ELECTRIC
Length: 295mm
Width: 164mm
Wheelbase:  201mm
Top Speed: 40 MPH +


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