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Power HD HD-M8 1/12 Digital HV 8.5kg/0.058s

Power HD HD-M8 1/12 Digital HV 8.5kg/0.058s

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Power HD HD-M8 1/12 Digital HV 8.5kg/0.058s

Coming from Power HD, the M8 is the ultimate servo for 1/12th Pancar. Prior to release, many international drivers have already used the servo in the 2022 EFRA European Championships 1/12 including Power HD team driver Michal Orlowski who took double TQ and win at the event. The servo weighs only 28.6g, even with the full aluminium casing. Coming with 25T stainless steel + 7075 aluminium gear set and the latest PCBA, the servos support various ultra-high-speed modes like SSR, SUR, SXR, SR and SFR. The servo can work with Power HD programming box, to adjust the servos parameters.


Torque(4.8V): 4.3 kg-cm (59.7 oz/in)
Torque(6.0V): 6.3 kg-cm (87.5 oz/in)
Torque(7.4V): 7.6 kg-cm (105.5 oz/in)
Torque(8.4V): 8.5 kg-cm (118.0 oz/in)
Speed: 0.10 sec (4.8V) │ 0.079 sec (6.0V)
Speed: 0.068 sec (7.4V) │ 0.058 sec (8.4V)
Operating Voltage:4.8 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
Weight: 28.6 g (1.0 oz)
Motor Type:Coreless Motor
Gear Type: Titanium & Steel
Size:28.5 x 13.4 x 29.0 mm ( 1.12 x 0.53 x 1.14 in)



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Weight 201 g

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