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MRT R9852 MRT mPTX Transponder

MRT R9852 MRT mPTX Transponder

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MRT R9852 MRT mPTX Transponder

Can be used with all AMBrc systems and RC4 up to v4.4 (will not work with the v4.5 Drone System update). T

These transponders from MRT are lightweight and small in size. This makes them easy to fit into the smallest, tightest areas.
Size: 19 x 16 x 6mm
Weight: 4 grams

The PTx ID number of each transponder can be changed to an alternative ID number. Each individually numbered transponder has its ‘custom’ ID number written on the supplied instruction sheet with the an alternative number also available.

PTx transponders are supplied with 2 stored ID numbers and come factory set on the custom ID. It is possible to switch from the custom number to the other number if required. To use the PTx it should be connected to a power socket on a receiver or to a battery pack. The LED will light up to show the transponder is operating. When setting the number (or checking the number that is set) the LED will flash to show the number selected, or the number that has been set.

Display: Blue LED

Lead: 190mm(7.5 in) Red/Black Power Lead

Operating Voltage: 2.1V – 16V DC

Mounting: Standard 3 Hole (same as AMB/MyLaps)

Compatibility: AMBrc2, AMBrc3 and RC4 (up to v4.4) systems

‘Live/Hive’ Id Number Online Registration – No

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Weight 100 g