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J Concepts JC3177-05 Space Bars 2.2 2WD Front Buggy Tyres with inserts

J Concepts JC3177-05 Space Bars 2.2 2WD Front Buggy Tyres with inserts Indoor Soft Compound includes closed cell dirt-tech inserts

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JConcepts’ Space Bars 2.2″ 2WD Front Buggy Tire is designed for indoor clay track conditions. The tread, originally based on the legendary Dirt Webs tire, connects uniformly positioned Space Bars to create an amazingly stable tire. The fresh tire design relies heavily on a larger format of the original Web pattern for massive forward acceleration. Inside the supported bar portion rests long horizontal and short vertical alternating bars which help balance side-bite and backs up the Space Bar feature to help minimize wear. Designed to break-in quickly for competition but not wear out before that all important peak performance.

The outer edges feature a tiny single rib on each side which proves extra side-bite during heavy cornering and side-loading characteristics. The Space Bar tread sits on a rounder profile carcass with a shorter side-wall which transitions quickly and lands and jumps with increased traction. The plump look of the wide-body tire grips hard and also gives a sense of comfort for the aggressive driver. The inner ribbing has been updated to keep the tire expansion to a minimum while still providing a healthy dose of flexibility to the tire allowing a greater balance of monster forward traction and comfortable side-bite.


  • JConcepts original tread
  • Designed in conjunction Jason Ruona, Brian Kinwald and Spencer Rivkin
  • Large format Space Bars for stability / forward grip
  • Horizontal and vertical bars for side-bite
  • Round profile carcass with short side-wall, quicker transition
  • 2.2″ bead mounting size for compatibility
  • Includes Dirt Tech Closed cell foam inserts

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Weight 201 g

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