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Hornby R1180 Postal Express

Hornby R1180 Postal Express Shelf-worn Box

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Hornby R1180 Postal Express Shelf-worn Box

A fantastic Travelling Post Office Set with a working trackside post bag collection feature.

Before the development of the British motorway system, millions of letters were shipped from town to town by railway. Many of these mail trains travelled at night and included a TPO (Travelling Post Office) coach in which bags of letters and small parcels were collected, sorted and then dropped off in bags at the relevant stations along the route.

This set not only includes a deceptively powerful GWR 0-4-0 locomotive but also a TPO and support Clerestory brake coach. The “net” projects from the coach to scoop the mailbag from the trackside pick-up hook.

The bag is then automatically ejected into the trackside receiving bin at the place of delivery. This set also includes a MidiMat, as well as an oval of track with siding which can be extended using the Track Packs available separately.


  • – 0-4-0 Ex GWR Locomotive
  • – Operating Mail Coach
  • – Clerestory Coach
  • – Track: 3rd Radius Starter Oval, Track Pack A (with point and buffer)
  • – 1 amp Wall Plug Transformer
  • – R8206 Power Track
  • – Hornby MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)
  • – This item will be supplied with a UK transformer

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