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Hobbywing HW30850400 OTA Programmer

Hobbywing HW30850400 OTA Programmer

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Hobbywing HW30850400 OTA Programmer

Hobbywing OTA Programmer allows the ESC to be wirelessly connected to smartphone.

Using the Hobbywing HW Link APP to clearly display and adjust all parameters of ESC. The interface is simple to operate.
1.App of IOS version:Search HW Link or Hobbywing in Apple store.
2.App of Android version: Search HW Link or Hobbywing in Google Play.
You can also directly click the Android icon on this page to download.

Intuitive Interface

When use app to adjust parameter, the graphical man-machine interaction interface of drop-down list box and scroll bar make the parameter adjustment more flexible and easier to operate.

Real-time data recording function

OTA programmer supports real-time data recording function and storesthe data in its memory. It can be opened by HW Link to know the running status of power system. The real-time data can be checked by connecting smartphone HW Link App within effective distance (0-3m).
*The real-time data function needs to be supported by the ESC. Please refer to the manual of ESC for details.

Simple and Convenient for Firmware Update

Compared with LCD programming box, it is no need to connect the computer to upgrade the firmware of ESC.
The firmware of ESC can be upgraded only by using HW Link App on the smartphone. More simple and easy to operate.

Bluetooth transmission and does not affect network of smartphone

OTA Programmer uses Bluetooth to communicate. It does not affect Wi-Fi and cellular data network of smartphone and network requirements of other Apps.

Compact Design

This OTA Programmer is smaller and lighter. It’s only 1/6 of HOBBYWING LCD program box in size and weight.

One-touch Factory Reset

Users can promptly factory reset their OTA Programmer via the Reset button on it.

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