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Hobbywing HW30502000014 XERUN-EZRUN-Multifunction LCD Program Box

Hobbywing XERUN-EZRUN-Multifunction LCD Program Box. This Multifunction LCD Program Box is suitable for the following ESC:XERUN & EZRUN series Car ESC (Version 2.0 and 2.1) XERUN-120A V3 & V3.1 ESC.

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The programmable items for the xERUN and EZRUN series car ESC:

  • Running Mode
  • Drag Brake Force
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off Threshold
  • Start Mode
  • Maximum Brake Force
  • Maximum Reverse Force
  • Initial Brake Force
  • Throttle Neutral Range
  • Timing
  • Over-Heat Protection
  • Motor Rotation
  • Lipo Cells Amount

*Note: Some speed controllers have less programmable items, but some have more. Please read the user manual of your speed controller to get detail information.

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Weight 100 g