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Hobbywing HW30401748 XERUN V10 17.5T BLACK G4R MOTOR

Hobbywing HW30401748 XERUN V10 17.5T BLACK G4R MOTOR

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Hobbywing HW30401748 XERUN V10 17.5T BLACK G4R MOTOR

*BRCA & EFRA Approved*
The new G4R stator and winding design reduces the overall internal resistance,
while maintaining the requirements for sanctioning spec class rules.
The improved motor efficiency reduces the temperature rise to
keep internal resistance numbers consistent.

The motor adopts an open core can, and uses an all new Rotor.
This allows the heat generated by the stator to be directly cooled by airflow.
The can and rotor design allows airflow through the motor to
maximize the cooling.

Updated nylon mixed shims provide ultra quiet motor
operation and provide long lasting consistency.
The wear resistance of the gasket is increased by
approximately 2 times.

G4R motor windings use the highest temperature rated wiring to date. This
allows further resistance to heat, while increasing the overall motor efficiency.
Compared to other brands, temperature resistance is up to 40 degrees C higher.
Resistance to high temperature damage means the motor can be pushed to
its limits and come back for more.

The G4R features dual sensor ports providing racers with options for sensor
wire routing. The unused port is protected by the included silicon port plug.

The G4R uses a sleek and simple modular design. This makes regular service
and cleaning simple and direct. Cleaner motors last longer and run more efficiently.

Scale – 1/10th
Brushed/Brushless – BL
Sensored/Sensorless – SD
Pole Count – 2

Relevant Parameters:
LiPo Cells – 1-3S

Size & Weight:
O.D.(mm) – 35.8
Length (mm) – 51.3
Shaft Diameter (mm) – 3.175
Weight (g) – 152
Front Bearing – D9*D4*t4
Rear Bearing – D8*D3*t4

1/10th & 1/12th STOCK Class Racing

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