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Hobbywing HW30109003 QUICRUN WP-8BL150 G2 ESC

Hobbywing HW30109003 QUICRUN WP-8BL150 G2 ESC

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Hobbywing HW30109003 QUICRUN WP-8BL150 G2 ESC
Introducing the QuicRun WP 8BL150 G2 speed control.

Innovative intelligent freewheeling technology.
High efficiency and low temperature rise. The innovative intelligent freewheeling technology enables the ESC to have higher driving efficiency and lower operating temperature. The stability and reliability of the ESC is improved.

Upgraded BEC
The BEC has been upgraded from the previous generation from 6V/3A to 6V/7.4V and is fully-adjustable. It is equipped with a continuous current of 6A, and up to a maximum current of 12A. It supports most high-voltage servos on the market.

Exceptional protection and operation
Equipped with excellent waterproofing and dustproofing performance to cope with various climatic conditions and harsh environments. The protection level of the ESC reaches IP67.
Note: The IP67 protection level mentioned above is splash-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof under normal use,
but it is not permanently effective, and the protection performance may decline due to daily wear and aging. Do not
soak in water for a long time, otherwise the product may be damaged.

Efficient cooling system
The internal power board of the ESC is covered with a patented copper heat conduction bus bar to help facilitate the rapid conduction of internal heat to the radiator. Additionally, a fan is added to dissipate heat. These constitute to a highly reliable cooling system to ensure that the ESC is always in a safe operating temperature.

Durable electronic switch
The upgraded electronic power switch solves the corrosion and impact damage that occurs frequently in traditional mechanical switches in dusty and humid environments.
Accidental shutdowns are no longer an issue. he life-span of the switch is 50000 times longer. Waterproof, dustproof, impact-resistant.

Capacitor overheating protection function
Capacitor overheating protection feature can effectively prevent exploding customers due to overload usage. This helps to eliminate damages to the ESC.

Super large built-in capacitor
The built-in capacitor capacity of the ESC is as high as 2040 uF, and eliminates the need for external capacitors.


Scale 1/8th
Brushed/Brushless – Brushless
Sensored/Sensorless – Sensorless
Waterproof – Waterproof

Continuous: 150A
Burst: 950A

2-6S LiPo

BEC Output
Switch Mode 6V/7.4V @6A

Input Wires – Black-10AWG-150MM / Red-10AWG-150MM
Output Connectors – 6.5mm Gold (female)

ESC Programing via
SET Button on ESC – Not Supported
LED Program Box – Supported
LCD Program Box G2 – Supported
OTA Programmer – Not Supported
Program Port – Separate Program Port

Firmware Upgrade – Supported

Motor Supported
Sensored and sensorless brushless motor

Suitable Car
1/8th Truck. Monster Truck.

KV Rating/T Count
With 4S Lipo: KV ≤ 3000
With 6S Lipo: KV ≤ 2400 4274 size motor

64mm(L) * 48mm(W) * 40.4mm(H)

169.5g (Including Wires

Additional information

Weight 250 g




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