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Futaba CB10PXE 10-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter and R404SBS-E Rx Combo

Futaba CB10PXE 10-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter and R404SBS-E Rx Combo

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Futaba CB10PXE 10-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter and R404SBS-E Rx Combo

Futaba’s high-end car radio system – the 7Px – has been the favourite of many of the world’s top drivers. Taking over from the 7Px’s DNA, the all new T10Px was born.

With the new F-4G fast response communication system, the incredible response feeling recognized by the world champion has improved!

In addition, telemetry communication – which was not possible with T-FHSS SR protocol, can now be used.

With the new “Feeling” function, the radio can be made to feel like it is custom made to suit each driver.

With support for a full 10 channels, this competition radio is also designed to appear to the scale enthusiast too. The 10Px is Futaba’s highest grade on the circuit.

● Lightest in its class & highly balance design
● New high-speed F-4G response system installed
● New response “Feeling” function
● Supports up to 10 channels
● Wide viewing angle full-colour LCD adopted
● New icon menu used
● Can be used as a game controller by using the USB external output terminal
● New wheel unit/APA/APA angle/trigger used
● Throttle and steering spring replacement mechanism
● New shape multi-position rubber grip
● Paddle shift lever switch + bottom switch + 3 position switch incorporated
● Supports left and right-handed specifications
● Optional LiPo battery LT2F2000B can be used

Supplied complete with Futaba R404SBS-E receiver (for use with EP only – not to be used with gas powered models).

Functions / specifications

System menu
Display settings
System information
Battery settings
Date and time
LED settings
Receiver update
Servo update
Model menu
Model select
Model copy
Model name
Model deletion (in SD card)
Data reset
Model type * New function


Setup menu
Receiver settings
Servo view
Throttle mode
Sub trim
Fail-safe function
Trim / dial settings
Switch settings
Idle up
Channel limiter
Channel settings
Racing menu
Curve (ExP) 111
Traction control
Engine cut
Feeling * New functionMixing menu
Steering mixing
Brake mixing
Gyro mixing
4WS mixing
Dual ESC
CPS mixing (1.2.3)
Tank mixing
Program mixing (
Tilt mixing


Telemetry menu
Telemetry system
Sensor list
Sensor menu
Accessory menu
Wrap list
S.BUS servo
MC (ESC) link
Index table
Gear ratio table
Home/ES1/ES2/ES3 button settings
Home screen display settings
Interface Colour TFT Touch Screen and Edit Buttons
Mixes 5 Program Mixes
Model Memory 40 (+ SD Card)
ModelName Up to 15 Characters
Modulation Futaba F-4G, T-FHSS SR, T-FHSS, S-FHSS, Mini-Z
Receiver Futaba R404SBS-E Included

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Weight 1001 g




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