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Contact RC JGCF GT12 Atom Front 40Sh Control Tyres 44mm

GT12 Atom Front 40Sh Control Tyres 44mm. Get back to GT12 basics with these new GT12 Control Tyres from Contact RC. GT12 racing has become more complex over recent times with a myriad of different foam compounds to find the ultimate performance. Now Contact RC are taking it back to basics which made GT12 racing so successful. These new control tyres with an easily identifiable green stripe can be adopted at local clubs and larger events to have a more level playing field for all and keep costs down. The control tyres are available in only one compound 40 shore Front trued to 44mm and 37 shore rear trued to 46mm selected to give the perfect balance for the majority of conditions. Take the dark art of tyres out of the equation and concentrate on having fun!!!

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