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Xray XR356004 Composite Radio Case Set - Soft

Xray XR356004 Composite Radio Case Set - Soft

Xray XR356004 Composite Radio Case Set - Soft GTX/XB8/XT8
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Part Number: Xray XR356004
Our Price: £20.00


To improve chassis flex & handling characteristics (especially in low- to medium-traction conditions), the radio box is moulded from an all-new composite mixture that makes the radio box more flexible.

The 1-piece electronics assembly is very compact and can be quickly & easily removed for servicing and cleaning. You need only remove a few screws from the bottom of the chassis to remove the entire electronics assembly from the car.

The large molded radio box features a very clean design & layout that places the weight in key areas for proper balance. The batteries are placed along the centerline of the chassis in the front, and the lightweight receiver is placed on its side at the rear. The easy-access radio box is mounted on the side of the car and is secured by the fewest possible screws.

This Part Fits On Standard Part Option Part
XR350501 GTX8.2 - 2019 Standard part for GTX8.2 - 2019  
XR350600 GTXE - 2018 Standard part for GTXE - 2018  
XR350011 XB8 - 2016 Standard part for XB8 - 2016  
XR350012 XB8 - 2017 Standard part for XB8 - 2017  
XR350013 XB8 - 2018 Standard part for XB8 - 2018  
XR350014 XB8 - 2019 Standard part for XB8 - 2019  
XR350203 XT8 - 2017 Standard part for XT8 - 2017  
XR350204 XT8 - 2019 Standard part for XT8 - 2019