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BACHMAN 32-775NFDS Font Side
BACHMAN 32-775NFDS on Track
BACHMAN 32-775NFDS Font Side Close up
BACHMAN 32-775NFDS Side View with Cockney Sparrow
BACHMAN 32-775NFDS Cockey Sparrow
BACHMAN 32-775NFDS Roof Fan

Bachmann 32-775NFDS Class 37/0 No. 37104

Bachmann 32-775NFDS Class 37/0 No. 37104 Railfreight COCKNEY SPARROW DCC SOUND
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BACHMAN 32-775NFDS Class 37/0 No. 37104 Railfreight COCKNEY SPARROW DCC SOUND


Class 37/0 No. 37104 entered traffic in January 1963 after being out-shopped from English Electric’s Vulcan Foundry as No. D6804. The implementation of TOPS led to the locomotive being renumbered as 37104 in 1974. Following Railfreight’s rebranding in 1987 and the introduction of the six sub-sectors, No. 37104 was an early recipient of the new Triple Grey livery and was one of only a few locomotives to carry the Railfreight General sector decals. Being allocated to Stratford, the locomotive also carried the depot’s distinctive Cockney Sparrow motif on the body-sides. No. 37104 later joined the Engineers fleet before withdrawal in 2000 when it was broken up.


Railfreigt was a sector of British Rail responsible for all freight operations on the British network. The division was created in 1982 when BR sought to assign particular stock and management to the evolving requirements of freight traffic.

Railfreight existed as a single unit from 1982 until 1987 as the rail freight division of British Rail. In 1987 BRs freight operations were further divided according to the type of train operated and material carried; the Trainload Freight division and its sub-sectors handled unit trains of coal, metal, aggregates, oil or petroleum, LPG, petro-chemicals, and construction materials, Railfreight Distribution handled intermodal and non-unit train work, and channel tunnel freight. Activities which were not assigned to one of the new Trainload Freight or Railfreight Distribution sub-sectors were then continued under the Railfreight General banner, Railfreight General was dissolved in 1989, its limited responsibilities being taken over by Railfreight Distribution.

Class 37 Facts

Total Built: 309

Originally built between 1960 to 1965

Wheel Arrangment: Co-Co

Power Type: Diesel Electric

Power Output: 1750 Hp

Top Speed: 90 mph


With directional LED Lighting, Cab lights and DCC Digital Sound.

Bachmann website: Bachmann Class 37 37104 Railfreight General Cockney Sparrow