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The company originated in America in 1833, when Henry Carlisle began to produce vanity products made from horn, ivory and tortoiseshell. At this point, the business largely dealt with the manufacture of high-back Spanish combs for the ladies of the Southern States. Following the American Civil War this business was lost. The manufacture of side combs, barrettes and other hair ornaments continued on a large scale along with that of hand-carved ivory umbrella handles. In 1899, the business was merged with that of Henry G. Bachmann, a German immigrant who was engaged in a similar business with his son, and given the name Bachmann Bros..

Kader input and acquisition

The Kader Company was established in 1948, with the purpose of making models and toys for export around the world. In 1969, Kader produced their first model train for Bachmann, in response to the growing popularity of model railways. The relationship between the two continued to develop and prosper until 1987, when Kader acquired the Bachmann Company in its entirety. Kader is, by volume, the largest manufacturer of Model Railways in the world. Bachmann Europe was established in England during 1989. Its initial product range, known as Branchline consisted of models produced using the moulds of the Palitoy ‘Mainline’ range.

Further expansion

In 1992, Bachmann Europe purchased the continental manufacturer Liliput and a German office was established, handling all marketing, sales and product development for the Liliput brand. Further acquisitions followed with the dawn of the new millennium. In the year 2000, British ‘N’ scale manufacturer Graham Farish was purchased by Bachmann Europe Plc and its production was also transferred to the Kader factory. The Kader Group received ISO 9001 certification in 1999, in recognition of the high quality of its products and services.In 2009, Kader acquired the Sanda Kan factory, further strengthening its position on the worldwide stage.