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Bury Metro - 21st January

Team Corally - Platinum V+ 100C - 4500 mAh - 7,4V 2S - Competition Li-Po Battery Pack - Stick Shorty Hardcase - Dual Gold Connector 4mm - Efra - Brca Approved

The Team Corally R-D department and our team drivers, together with our Li-Po battery suppliers are constantly testing new technologies and improved chemical compositions to obtain the ultimate performing battery for our competition customers. With the Platinum V+ series we are very close to the best possible performance that can be achieved in the Li-Po chemistry batteries. The Platinum V+ series even more voltage under load then any other Li-Po batteries on the market, making them ideal for stock class racing where higher remaining voltage means more top-end speed and acceleration.
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Part Number: C48340

RRP: £52.99
Our Price: £49.99


  • Ultimate LiPo chemistry
  • Higher remaining voltage under load
  • Increased power output
  • Lower internal resistance
  • True capacity
  • True 100C discharge rate
  • 6C Fast-charge rate
  • Corally safety hardcase